Rent my Cottage

Sunnyside Cottage, Co Clare

Sunnyside Cottage, Co Clare

Having a holiday cottage in Ireland to rent out but it can be expensive if you don’t get the right help and the right clients to help you make money. At Holiday Cottages Ireland we work with our partners to help you make your holiday cottage in Ireland pay its own way.

Looking to rent out your holiday cottage?

Holiday lettings with include:

Advertising, confirmation of bookings with landlord and tenants, deposits taken from tenants, fee is 15% of bookings.

£299 for 1 year of advertising this includes the website, a Google page for your own property and we will manage the advertising of your property on some of the world’s biggest rental portals such as AirBnB, Tripadvisor and HomeandAway to help generatethe bookings you need to make your holiday cottage profitable.

To speak with us about letting your holiday cottage email and tell us more about your property.