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Sheep on a road, Ireland

Sheep on a road, Ireland

To get that true Irish experience while you are on holiday is sometimes a very difficult thing. Not every pint of Guinness is the same in every bar!

Holiday Cottages Ireland have many years of experience in the tourism sector of both Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland and we know that every tourist is looking for something different.

Some of you are wanting relaxation and stress free living, others wild nights out in the nations most popular spots. Many would seek the traditional Irish experience with history, heritage and lots of music while there are those who will prefer the isolation of some of Irelands beautiful coastlines.

Whatever your wishes for your Irish holiday, North or South of the border, Ireland has something going on for everyone.

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“Connemara is a savage beauty” – Oscar Wilde

Here at Holiday Cottages Ireland we tend to be a little enthusiastic about Ireland and the beautiful counties that make up its lands.  We are not sure that we could pick a favourite amongst them but if we were to make a list, Galway would be in the top 5.

Within this …